About Eagle 98.7

The best of both worlds!  Like satellite radio. Music Commercial Free and you don’t have to pay a monthly charge!

Eagle 98.7 welcomes you to our Tixs For Kids Radio Family.  Eagle 98.7 is a merger of many entities over several years to bring you an exceptionally experienced great complete sounding radio station.

Only the best Oldies on the radio from the 50s and 60s, 70’s and 80’s Handpicked by you. The Oldies you grew up listening to. The Oldies that make you wanna dance. Elvis, Chubby Checker, James Brown and many of the great Motown hits and more.

About Tixs For Kids.

How we got our Name: Tixs For Kids.

Some people think when we say Tixs for Kids it has something to do with Tics. The little bugs that mostly kids get on their head. Well of course it doesn’t have anything to do with that. Tixs is short for Tickets and that’s how Tixs for Kids got its start. By giving tickets to kids to many different places and events that they may not normally have the opportunity to go to because of the physical, emotional or financial hard times they or their family is going through. Since the beginning of Tixs for Kids we evolved to do much more than that. Helping people by getting them wheelchairs. Helping families whose houses have burned down, collecting toys and school supplies for kids who might not have them… Just to name a few. Now with our radio station Eagle 98 we have helped other non profits get the word out about their fund-raising efforts. We do things one at a time. As we are able. Visit our sister website at tixsforkids.org.

Thank you for supporting Eagle 98.7 Belen and Tixs For Kids. Helping New Mexico Kids Going Through Tough Times.

For more information on anything we do or to make a comment call (505) 269-8463.